Create powerful visually appealing business intelligence dashboards

Data analytics doesn't have to always involve complex numbers or math. It can also be as simple as charts and graphs. Dashboards let you create at-a-glance view of key performance indicators (KPIs) related to a particular objective or process.


Data Connections

Connect your Dashboards with your existing data sources, including Excel spreadsheets, Text/CSV files, multiple cloud applications and many more.

Dashboard Chart Filters

Explore your data to get a better insight on a click of button.

Drilldown Options

Provide you with a configurable interactive dashboard that shows additional, detailed information about a particular element or variable without overcrowding the dashboard.

Predictive Analysis

With predictive analytics, you can use your data to recognize trends, predict future events, and identify business risks and opportunities.


Adding widgets to your dashboards can make them more interactive.

Chart Tooltips

Allows you to adjust the displayed information when you hover over with the mouse, providing a small block of information.

Mobile Friendly Dashboards

View your dashboards on your mobile anytime, anywhere.

Data Security

Our dashboard provides you an inbuilt security for data. You can also control the access, edit and view rights with the help of role-based permissions.




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